My life has changed.  Let me say that again – My life has changed!  When I learned that I had 50% hearing loss in both of my ears, I knew I was going to need hearing aids.  I am a Director of Sales and work with CEO’s and high level executives and wanted something that was potentially not visible to others. I went to the Audiological Consultants of Atlanta to see what my options were.  The staff was unbelievable and my experience there was memorable.  Let me explain.  After running tests on me, and understanding that I wanted a “hidden” device, they suggested I try the Lyric.  So, I did.  The result was truly amazing.  Can you imagine what it feels like to restore on of your senses back to 100%??!!!  For years I had not realized that I had not been able to hear and I had been told that I spoke very loudly.  After the devices were inserted into my ears, I was stunned and scared at the same time.  I could actually hear again!!  I was sold immediately and recommend the Lyric to anyone with a hearing loss.

Oh, and one more thing….  As I walked out the door, the staff followed me as they were amazed at watching someone regain a part of their life. Thanks to everyone at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta.  You have changed my life.  John – GA

My husband and I have been overwhelmed by your kindness, enthusiasm and positive attitude towards our son. The fact that he views his trips to the audiologist as “going to see my friends” is perhaps the biggest of gifts you can give! As a parent, my primary goal is to give my son the best of everything…including the ability to hear. Your level of professionalism, quality of service and consistent effort to achieve perfection when programming his aids are exceptional!  We have been to several audiologists in the past and now feel so very blessed to have landed where we did…at our “home of audiology and friends’ forever!  Thank you again for always going above and beyond! You have forever changed his life. T.M.- Alpharetta, GA

The high level of expertise, compassion, and enthusiasm shown to our members seeking assistance by ACA has made a huge difference in the quality of life for our older adults as they are experiencing hearing changes. Thank you for your support. M.H.- Meyer Balser NORC Outreach Coordinator

I have to thank the team at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta for their friendly, efficient service, and for the fact that they have restored what was lost, and I thought irretrievable.  The ability to hear again brightens every day, and has enhanced my life more than I could ever have imagined. D.N.-Roswell, GA

I want to thank you and your office team for your excellent work.  My hearing loss truly guided my career path for several years.  Within the year of obtaining my hearing aids I advanced in my career, including salary.  I’m a happy and self-confident woman!  I can once again enjoy watching TV, movies and listening to music with friends without the need to contribute to their hearing loss. The tears of isolation have been replaced with tears of joy and laughter.  Having my digital hearing aids has far exceeded my expectations. J. H.- Douglasville, GA

Perhaps, like many other, I did not realize what I was missing at movies, church, family and friend gatherings. I am so thankful that I chose ACA to help me. The staff has gone beyond the call of duty to show a genuine concern for my hearing problem. I have already referred others to ACA and they are happy with their results as well. ACA really makes you feel like part of the family. W.R.- Thomaston, GA

I had suspected my hearing was deteriorating. But, it was during my initial fitting, when one of my hearing aids was removed for a fine tuning adjustment, that I was overwhelmed with emotion. At that poignant moment, I realized I’d been going through life as if pillows were over my ears. My distress and my husband’s frustration are both now gone. I don’t know why I waited so long to hear my grandchildren clearly.  Thank you, ACA for your sincere attention. B. Y.- Roswell, GA

For the last thirty- five or so years, I have been dealing with hearing loss which has become more severe as time passes.  I have always used state-of-the-art hearing devices, employing whatever technology is available as it advances. Recently I was introduced to the Lyric System and I find it to be literally transformational as compared with any other aids I have used. Simple to use and virtually maintenance free, they have boosted my hearing in private as well as social settings, thereby enhancing my quality of life. Kenneth Bazzle – Atlanta, GA