Five-Minute Hearing Test

Take a few moments to check your own hearing ability using our easy test.
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Give yourself the following points for each answer to the questions below:

  • Almost always: 3 points
  • Half the time: 2 points
  • Occasionally: 1 point
  • Never: 0 points

1. I have a problem hearing over the telephone.

2. I have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time.

3. People complain that I turn the TV volume too high.

4. I have to strain to understand conversations.

5. I miss hearing some common sounds like the phone or the doorbell ringing.

6. I have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background such as a party.

7. I get confused about where sounds come from.

8. I misunderstand some words in a sentence and need to ask people to repeat themselves.

9. I especially have trouble understanding the speech of women and children.

10. I have worked in noisy environments (assembly lines, jackhammers, jet engines, etc.).

11. I hear fine – if people just speak clearly.

12. People get annoyed because I misunderstand what they say.

13. I misunderstand what others are saying and make inappropriate responses.

14. I avoid social activities because I cannot hear well and fear I’ll reply improperly.

To be answered by a family member or friend:

15. Do you think this person has a hearing loss?

16. If you have a blood relative who has a hearing loss, add three points.

Your Total = _____


  • 0 – 5 Your hearing is probably fine and no action is required.
  • 6 – 9 We suggest that you have your hearing evaluated by an Audiologist.
  • 10+ We strongly recommend that you have your hearing evaluated by an Audiologist.