Hearing Aid Myths

MYTH:  Hearing loss affects only old people and is a sign of aging.
FACT: Over 60% of people with hearing loss are under age 65 years!  There are over ten million people between the ages of 18 and 49 years of age with hearing loss, and over a million school-age children have hearing loss.

MYTH:  If I had a hearing loss, my doctor would have told me.
FACT: Very few physicians electronically measure your hearing.  As a result, it is virtually impossible for most doctors to recognize your hearing loss.  Old-time tests such as the watch-tick test or whisper test are not accurate indicators of the presence or absence of hearing loss.

MYTH: Hearing aids do not work.
FACT:  Treatment is now possible for hearing losses which may have been difficult to treat just a few years ago.  Hearing aid technology, testing techniques and diagnosis have been dramatically improved.  Modern hearing aids can help 95% of persons with hearing loss, and the overwhelming majority of those who have chosen hearing aids are satisfied with their decision.

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