About Hearing Loss

If you take your ears for granted, listen up:

As hearing changes, it can affect your physical and emotional health, your relationships, your income, your cognition, and more. You are not alone. Hearing loss is the third most common physical health problem in the U.S. next to arthritis and heart disease.


Changes in hearing typically occur gradually over many years, and can be difficult to notice. The most common report, despite the severity of the hearing loss is “I hear, but I don’t always understand.” This is especially common in noisy places. Other symptoms include feeling people don’t speak clearly, asking for repetition or family members complaining that the TV is too loud.  


You are a unique individual. Your hearing is as unique as you are.  You need a personalized treatment plan. At your first appointment, your audiologist will learn about your concerns, needs and history.  You will complete a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of your hearing to determine if you could and should be hearing better.  After your evaluation, your audiologist will be able to tell you definitely if we can help you improve your hearing and will help you choose the best plan forward.