Television, internet sales…hearing aids? OH MY

We’ve all seen it. The commercial of the gentleman missing his grandson say, “I love you,” followed by an ad for “hearing aids” being $400! How can this be? $400 and my hearing is fixed?!

Did you know there are currently no FDA regulations on the direct sale of “hearing aids” in retail shops or through the internet? True hearing aids – not amplifiers – are only available from a licensed hearing care professional. Buyers beware that you may NOT be purchasing a real, FDA approved device. Just because it is labeled a “hearing aid,” does not mean it is a hearing aid! Research has shown that such devices, that are directly available to you, display ineffective volume controls, high input noise, and irregular frequency responses. What does this mean? This means they may be more detrimental to your hearing, unsafe, and ineffective to treat your specific hearing loss.
How is ACA different? We provide you with the best devices for your hearing and needs. Some ways we do this include:
  • Proper and complete examination of your hearing
    • For a proper fit, it’s important to know the type and severity of your loss
  • Thorough discussion of your lifestyle and needs
    • There are many hearing aid styles that are available to be seamlessly incorporated into your everyday life from a discrete extended wear Lyric device to a small receiver-in-the-canal device that connects wirelessly with your smartphone
  • Fitting of FDA approved devices
    • All of the devices offered through ACA are FDA approved and meet specified industry standards.
  • Hiring of licensed professionals
    • Only licensed hearing care professionals can provide hearing aids. Our licensed professionals ensure that your devices are meeting top-standards. Each device is programmed using real-ear-measurements (REMs) to match the prescription for your hearing.
When it comes to treating your hearing, let the team at ACA help with your diagnosis and fitting of appropriate hearing aids. Remember – if an advertisement seems too good to be true, it probably is. Contact a hearing care professional to help you make your decision!
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