PSA from ACA

Apple fans line up in droves for the privilege to purchase the newest iPhone.  I can’t say I understand their drive, but to each their own, right?

However, in the case of our Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aid wearers, the newest iPhone 11 should not be your newest toy (at this time).  At least that’s our ACA recommendation.  Turns out, the latest and greatest iPhone 11 has some Bluetooth compatibility issues.  This includes pairing with Made for iPhone hearing aids.  When I say Made for iPhone hearing aids, I mean hearing aids which connect directly with the iPhone.  It’s a wonderful feature.  Not only are you able to hear a phone conversation clearly through your hearing aids, but also, use a hearing aid app to control the hearing aids’ volume, settings and sometimes even more.

Because there are reportedly some overall Bluetooth issues, we also recommend temporarily avoiding the iPhone 11 if you used any sort of Bluetooth accessory to connect to your hearing aids.

Speaking of iPhones, let’s visit iOS (software) updates.  iOS updates can also result in connectivity interruptions for MFi hearing aids.  The best course of action, in terms of maintaining MFi hearing aid connections, is delaying download of the software update.  This delay allows the hearing aid manufacturer to understand the iOS update and make any necessary updates to their app or connection technology.  If your phone has a mind of its own, (as mine often does) and downloads updates without asking your first, observe for any unusual activity.  If all is working well, great!    If the connection is less reliable in anyway, tell your iPhone to “Forget the devices” and start the pairing process again.

Please know that we are here for you.  At ACA we stand behind every hearing aid we fit and we are a phone call or email away.  We are happy to walk you through pairing your MFi hearing aids over the phone or in person.  Never hesitate to contact us with any sort of hearing aid question or concern.

Happy calling!

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