Heat, Humidity and Your Hearing Aids 

Tis the season! Summer festivals, pool openings, and good old-fashioned southern humidity. Your hearing aids are tiny computers that are constantly exposed to the elements. Especially during the humid months, it’s important to take care of them to help them live their best life.  Here are some recommendations on how to keep your hearing aids happy and dry: 

  • Wash and dry your hands before handling your hearing aids 
  • If your hearing aids are not rechargeable, open the battery door when you remove your hearing aids from your ears 
  • Avoid storing your hearing aids damp places, such as in the bathroom 
  • Store your hearing aids at room temperature  

As with most things, prevention is easier than treatment, and taking good care of your hearing aids means you can expect a longer life with fewer repairsWe recommend all our hearing aid wearers store their devices in a drying unit:  

  • Active drying and disinfecting accessories, such as the Widex PerfectDry Luxcan be used for regular or rechargeable hearing aids. Simply store your hearing aids in the box at night, plug it in, and let it do all the work. 
  • Passive drying units, such as the HalHen Super Dri-Aid, are good for when you’re on the go or can’t plug in. These desiccants will pull the moisture from your hearing aids while they’re stored in the jar.  
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