The Hearing Journey

Here at ACA, we know that what you, the patient, thinks and experiences is an important part of your hearing healthcare. For that reason, we are collecting stories from patients – like you! If you’d like to share your hearing journey with our readers, please click here to send us an email. Meanwhile, please enjoy this perspective from a long-time hearing aid user.  


I’ve been wearing hearing aids for more years than I can remember. This move was prompted by family and friends getting on my case, since I was always asking them to repeat themselves or saying, “Huh?” a lot! Although the technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is today, and my first aids were bulky and noticeable, I was immediately thankful that I’d gotten over my reluctance (vanity). 

I will never forget walking into my back yard when I got home from picking up my new hearing aids and being overwhelmed by the sounds of the birds – of which I had not been at all aware.  Admittedly, I had my hairstyle changed so my hair covered my ears with this first pair.  But later, when the aids became smaller and much less noticeable, I no longer worried about this.  Unless I made it known, everyone was totally unaware that I wore hearing aids. 

Setting an example for friends, I try my best to influence those with hearing loss to get their hearing tested and determine if hearing aids will help them.  This pestering finally had a positive effect on my best friend, who has balked at taking this step for the past 4 years.  She is very averse to change and was very anxious about having to learn some new technology, but finally got tested and fitted with hearing aids. Following her fitting, I received many texts and phone calls – some frustration- and expletive-filled. I advised her to be patient and to keep using them, and she soon realized how much better her life is now that she can hear again. 



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