Size Matters…or Does It?

Often new and even existing patients have an idea of what type or size of hearing aids they would like, but don’t have the information on the differences among them. Patients will also remark ”I want the best one – you know- that small hearing aid I keep seeing in the advertisements.” True, there are many different styles and types of hearing aids, but smaller doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

At Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, we look at the whole patient when making hearing aid recommendations. What does that mean, exactly? 

All patients have their own unique needs. Some needs are based on the severity of the hearing loss. Some patients work and some are retired. Some patients are home in quiet environments and would like to hear television better, while other patients eat out in restaurants several times a week.  There are also physical needs and restrictions to consider. How is the patient’s dexterity? Can they handle a small battery? There are accessories to consider as well. Would this patient like to have their hearing aids connect to their cell phone or a television streamer?  

Hearing aids have certainly become smaller – and mightier – over the years. There are patients that do not want anyone to see their hearing aids. Fortunately, small hearing aid size is an option for many patients – there are hearing aids that fit completely and discreetly into the ear canal. There are also very small and inconspicuous hearing aids that fit just over the top of the ear. This style is almost invisible as well.  

The differences in the types of technology, or feature sets on the tiny computer chip inside the hearing aids, is where we describe good, better, best so to speak. One cannot discern from looking at a hearing aid on the outside whether it is the ‘best’ or ‘newest’ technology on the inside. The size of a hearing aid does not indicate the type of technology.  Again, it is the computer chip inside the device that determines the sophistication of the technology.  The audiologist programs the hearing aids, considering your unique needs to provide you the best hearing possible. 

 When you come in for your hearing evaluation, it is important to keep an open mind to all options. There is wonderful hearing technology available in many shapes and sizes, and to fit all budgets. Allow our audiologists at Audiological Consultants to be your guide and assist you in choosing the most appropriate hearing aid to suit your needs!  

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