Lyric Hearing
Lyric Hearing is the first extended wear, 100% invisible hearing device. Audiological Consultants of Atlanta is the first and most experienced practice in Georgia authorized to fit Lyric Hearing. Call any of our locations today to find out more about Lyric!
Lyric Hearing

Lyric is an extended wear hearing device

  • Worn 24/7 up to approximately 2-3 months at a time.
  • 100% invisible due to ear canal placement.
  • No batteries to change; no maintenance.
  • No daily hassles, totally effortless.
  • Can be worn while showering, exercising, sleeping.
  • No daily insertion or removal.
  • Natural, excellent sound quality in both quiet and in noise.
  • Works with ear canal anatomy to direct sound, minimizing occlusion and feedback.
  • Inserted into the ear canal by a trained Lyric Audiologist.
  • Purchased on an annual subscription; patient purchases one year of hearing.
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What others are saying

Darwin Bayston Darwin Bayston

"I will tell you that if you do leave with them in your ears, you're likely to just plain write a check. I think with these, every time there's an improvement or technological change, you get the advantage of it because the next time you go in and change you're going to get that advantage. I think this brings a new meaning to being able to hear when you have a hearing problem."

Doreen Waugaman Doreen Waugaman

"I got Lyrics probably about over a year ago. I'm on my second contract and I love them, absolutely love them. Going out to the mailbox, I would be a little intimated or uncomfortable if neighbors would talk to me from across the street. I couldn't hear a thing they were saying. Now, it's no effort. They totally solved the problem for me."

Hilbert Margol Hilbert Margol

"Mine is a very short experience, since early August, but I am very pleased."

Maria Frangis Maria Frangis

"I've had mine about ten months. It's worth giving yourself the time to get used to them because it's so nice after you have got used to them, to be able to hear and feel comfortable. I highly recommend it - it's been wonderful for me."

Michael Sheffrin Michael Sheffrin

"I don't want to wear hearing aids. I want good hearing. Choose your hearing aid professional provider wisely. I've been with them for over 20 years. I'm here because their integrity, their professionalism, and their ability are just bar none. Those are the critical things. I hear far better and more clearly. I understand better than I ever did."

Nancy Cooley Nancy Cooley

"This is the first one I have ever had the confidence with that when I'm out of town on business and I'm at a hotel, I will hear the fire alarm in the middle of the night. Before that's never been true because I've never had a hearing aid you can sleep in. I really worry because I don't want people to get their hopes up and then not be candidates. Because it is that much different. I truly hope that anybody who is considering it can use it. And I can't imagine anybody not preferring it."

Robert McMahan Robert McMahan

"The best thing ever. And my wife would say so also. And my children and grandchildren would say the same thing. I had Tinnitus. I don't have it anymore. It stopped the problem."