ProPhonic 2X-S™

The ProPhonic 2X-STM is a custom dual-driver earphones for in-ear monitor (IEM) systems that combines exceptional sound quality with the most comfortable material available. The 2X-S is the standard of excellence in touring sound, used religiously by hundreds of high profile artists. Each earphones employs dual micro-transducers to deliver powerful bass response along with crystal-clear mid and high frequencies. Working from ear impressions made by an audiologist, our technicians mold transparent, soft gel silicone around these miniature speakers to give the 2X-S its final form.

PRODUCT UPGRADE: As of August 2009, the ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX earphones now come with a field-replaceable cable as standard. Our new cable is securely attached at the earphone end with nylon screws. The new cable is available in matte silver or black and includes a memory wire insert at the earphone end. The original permanently attached cable design is now available by request only. There is no change in pricing.

With its superb fit and seal, the ProPhonic 2X-S provides up to 37 dB of broadband isolation from ambient sound, while the dual-driver design provides high-resolution audio. As a result the artist can hear the monitor mix more clearly at lower volume levels, which promotes better performances, hearing health, and ultimately, a longer career. The ProPhonic 2X-S is highly recommended for musicians who want the ultimate in dual speaker sound quality, safety, comfort and cosmetics in a soft material. Audiophile listeners will, of course, realize the same benefits.

ProPhonic 2X-S Features & Benefits

  • Custom-molded from soft-gel, medical grade silicone
  • Far more comfortable than plastic molds, especially with long-term use
  • Maximum isolation from ambient sound so monitor mix is clearly heard
  • Maintains perfect seal to prevent bleed during excessive jaw movement
  • Shock absorption protects speakers from harm
  • Dual-driver design increases bass response and headroom
  • Convenient, one-piece design for improved durability
  • Transparent earphones virtually disappears in the ear for improved cosmetics (custom colors available)
  • Allows full-impact monitoring at lower volume levels for better performances and increased safety
  • Silicone earpieces do not shrink, crack, or degrade over time
  • New field-replaceable cable system
  • Compatible with all popular IEM systems and portable audio devices

ProPhonic 2X-S Specifications
Type: Custom-molded, dual-driver earphones with soft silicone full shell
Frequency Response: 20-16,000 Hz
Impedance: 27 ohms nominal
Sensitivity: 109dB at 1 mW
Weight: 1 ounce (approx)
Cable: Field replaceable, continuous, choice of 52- or 60-inch, matte silver or black.

Custom Cable Options

  • Permanently attached – Lengths and colors as above. This is the original Sensaphonics cable, preferred by some for its lower profile look.
  • Breakaway – Permanently attached to the earphones, this clear/silver cable is attached to a 3-foot, heavy-duty black cable by a chrome mini-plug connector. Standard length is 50 inches; custom lengths are available for a nominal extra charge.

Supplied Accessories: Hard case, shirt clip, earphones cleaning tool, 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter, pocket storage pouch.