3MAX™ Earphones

The Sensaphonics 3MAX™ are the world’s first and only custom-fit, triple-driver earphones with the comfort and isolation of soft-gel silicone earpieces. Our proprietary design includes twin-drive bass speakers with a dedicated, precision high-frequency driver, providing higher sensitivity for a more potent SPL output, plus greater bass headroom. But the real story is the quality of the sound.

The 3MAX is specifically designed to match the sound signature of our acclaimed 2X-S and 2MAX, continuing the Sensaphonics legacy as the reference standard for detailed, accurate in-ear audio. In fact, the final 3MAX design was selected for superior sound by our own panel of touring artists and sound engineers in blind listening tests. Their feedback confirmed what our engineering staff already knew – that the 3MAX provides a listening experience that is superior to other designs, even those with more drivers.

“It’s not how many drivers you can fit into an earphone – it’s how accurate they sound,” says Dr. Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics founder and President. “To meet today’s demands on IEM earphone performance, we designed the 3MAX to deliver as much acoustic push as modern wireless systems can provide, while retaining the sound signature that has made our 2MAX and 2X-S models so successful.”

Designed to withstand the rigors of every-night use on the road, the 3MAX comes with our field-replaceable cable system. Unlike plug-and-socket designs that can pull loose, the Sensaphonics cable is secured by nylon screws, ensuring both reliable performance and, should the need arise, quick replacement. In addition, our classic low-profile, permanently attached cable is also available. Both feature memory-wire inserts to ensure a snug fit around the ear.

Like all Sensaphonics models, 3MAX earphones are handcrafted from soft-gel silicone for superior isolation and comfort. This medical-grade silicone will not shrink, crack or discolor. Unlike hard plastic shells, silicone earpieces “move” with your ear canal during a performance, maintaining their seal and providing up to 37 dB of broadband isolation. They also act as a “shock absorber” to protect the speaker drivers from physical harm.

Because silicone is notoriously difficult to work with, each 3MAX earphone is entirely handmade. Using your ear impressions, our skilled technicians mold liquid silicone around miniature speakers, which are hand-selected and individually tested to ensure powerful, accurate audio across the audio spectrum. Finally, each earpiece is polished to a perfect fit with a seamless finish. As a result, you’ll hear your in-ear mix with superb fidelity and clarity, allowing you to monitor at safer levels.
HEARING HEALTH ALERT: With its three drivers and exceptional isolation, the 3MAX earphones provide incredible fidelity and clarity, allowing high-impact monitoring at safer levels. However, the higher sensitivity of the 3MAX allows it to reach levels that are only safe for a short time. Sensaphonics strongly suggests the use of our dB Check in-ear sound analyzer to see exactly how loud your in-ear levels are. The dB Check shows the output level of all Sensaphonics earphones, along with maximum daily exposure times for safe listening. Listen safe. Listen smart!
3MAX Features and Benefits

  • Triple-driver speaker system with twin-drive bass
  • Higher sensitivity and increased bass headroom
  • Custom-molded from soft-gel, medical grade silicone
  • Superior comfort, reduced ear fatigue in long-term use
  • Maximum isolation (up to 37 dB) for full-impact monitoring at lower volume levels
  • Maintains a full seal even during excessive jaw movement
  • Shock absorbing silicone protects speakers from harm
  • Transparent material virtually disappears in the ear (custom colors available)
  • Silicone earpieces do not shrink, crack, or degrade over time
  • Field-replaceable cable system
  • Compatible with all popular IEM systems and portable audio devices

3MAX Specifications
Type: Custom-molded, triple-driver earphones with full shell, transparent silicone earpieces (custom colors available)
Frequency Response: 20 – 16,000 Hz
Weight: 1 ounce (approx)
Cable: Field replaceable, continuous, choice of 52- or 60-inch, matte silver or black.

Cable Options

  • Permanently attached – Lengths and colors as above. This is the original Sensaphonics cable, preferred by some for its lower profile look.
  • Breakaway – Permanently attached to the earphones, this clear/silver cable is attached to a 3-foot, heavy-duty black cable by a chrome mini-plug
    connector. Standard length is 50 inches; custom lengths are available for a nominal extra charge.

Supplied Accessories: Hard-shell Pelican case, shirt clip, earphone cleaning tool, 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter, pocket storage pouch.