3D Active Ambient™ IEM System

The 3D Active Ambient is a unique, revolutionary IEM system that allows you to hear your monitor mix while mixing in a selectable level of on-stage ambient sound – all while keeping your ears acoustically sealed. Guitarists can hear their amps acoustically. Drummers can hear their full kit naturally. Vocalists can interact with the audience. Finally, IEM users can “get their ears back” – while still gaining the advantage of controlled isolation from extreme volume.

Available systems:

  • 3D Active Ambient – for use with wireless IEM systems and other 1/8″ inputs
  • 3D Hardwired – a standalone IEM system with LEMO input and monitor volume control

Both systems are available with a choice of 3D-2 (dual driver) or 3D-1 (single driver) ambient earphones:

The 3D Active Ambient™ IEM system solves the two biggest problems associated with conventional in-ear monitoring: the need to speak directly to others on stage, and the desire to hear crowd reaction. This is accomplished by incorporating tiny microphones within the earpieces to pick up ambient sound, then using a small bodypack mixer to add that sound to the in-ear mix in a controlled fashion.

The ambient microphones are positioned and equalized to pick up sound exactly as your ears do, forming a binaural system that literally lets you hear ambient sound in three dimensions – left/right, front/back, and up/down – with natural sound quality and directionality, and no distortion up to 140 dB.

The 3D Active Ambient is easy to set up and easy to use. The bodypack mixer receives the monitor mix from the board and ambient (stage) audio from the earphone mics. The two sources are mixed to the user’s taste, resulting in a “monitor plus ambience” mix with zero added latency. On stage, a simple 2-position toggle switch on the mixer selects between “Perform” and “Full Ambient” modes. Perform mode (monitor mix plus controlled ambience) is used while playing and Full Ambient (ambience at full unity gain plus reduced monitor mix) is used between songs, allowing you hear and talk as naturally as if you weren’t wearing earphones at all.