221 Stereo Earphone

The 221 is a single-sided, custom-fit, stereo-to-one-ear earphone designed for music enthusiasts with unilateral hearing loss. The 221 earphone employs two full-range, high fidelity micro-transducers – one dedicated to the left channel and the other dedicated to the right – housed together to produce exceptional sound quality with the most comfortable material available. Unlike using a “stereo-to-mono” adapter plug to passively short the left and right channels together electrically, the 221 earphone combines the left and right speaker outputs acoustically, inside the wearer’s isolated ear canal, so all stereo information is preserved. The result is full, rich, two-channel music reproduction without the distortions and comb filtering of passive electrical summing to mono.

Designed specifically for music lovers with unilateral hearing loss (deaf in one ear), the low-profile 221 affords these listeners the pleasure of hearing both channels of a stereo program from their portable music player (or any headphone amp) without sonic compromise, and without the stress and possible damage to the amplifier inherent in passive electrical summing. In short, a music player connected to a 221 earphone behaves exactly as if a stereo earphone is connected, because the 221 is stereo by design. The only difference is that all the stereo information is delivered within a single earpiece, perfect for listeners with unilateral hearing loss.

The 221 earphone is custom-molded from soft gel silicone, providing superb fit and seal, exceptional comfort and up to 37 dB of broadband isolation from ambient sound. The result is an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio in the wearer’s ear with all program material intact. The 221 is highly recommended for music enthusiasts with unilateral hearing loss who want the ultimate in dual channel sound reproduction in a comfortable, low-profile design.

221 Earphone Specifications
Earpiece: Custom-molded transparent gel silicone
Frequency response: 20 – 16,000 Hz
Isolation: Up to 37 dB reduction of ambient noise (typical)
Cable: Continuous 48-inch in matte silver or black finish
Supplied Accessories: Cleaning tool, 1/4″ adapter plug, hard shell case, pocket storage pouch