Hearing Assistive Technology Devices

Take a moment to ask yourself:
Which listening situations are difficult for you?

TV or radio
Party or social gathering
Driving in traffic
Conference or lecture hall
On the job
Places of worship
Small group discussions
Movie theatre
Live theatre
At mealtime
Around the house
Outdoor hobbies
Noisy situations

At Audiological Consultants, we advocate the use of hearing aids as treatment for hearing loss that is not medically reversible.  However, people with such hearing loss sometimes are in need of additional help in specific listening situations, such as worship services, meetings, movie theatres and playhouses.  Hearing assistive technology devices can provide this help.  All of our offices stock a wide variety of assistive devices such as those shown below, including TV listening systems, telephones, telephone amplifiers, smoke alarms and alerting devices.  Our audiologists can demonstrate these and other devices and help you select the most suitable device for your particular hearing loss needs.
Below is a small sample of available hearing assistive technology devices — contact us for more information!

Alarm Clock with Pillow Vibrator
Simply place the vibrator under your pillow and plug it into the specialized wake-up alarm clock.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Operates at low voltage for safety.
  • Strong vibrations awaken even the heaviest sleepers.
  • The specialized wake-up alarm clock can also be attached to a special strobe light or other bedside light source for a different wake-up signal.

Vibralite – Vibrating Alarm Watch

  • Two alarm settings with automatic off.
  • Large numeric display.
  • Light for night viewing of time.

Personal FM System

  • Clear convenient communication directly from the instructor eliminates background noise.
  • No installation necessary.
  • Allows complete freedom of movement.
  • Hear anywhere up to 100 feet away.
  • Powerful, distortion-free sound.

DirectEar Infrared TV System

  • Superior audio quality- clear, wireless, direct sound.
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery for hours of use.
  • Up to 124dB SPL of volume.
  • World’s lightest wireless audio headset (1.4oz.)
  • Easy connection and operation, transmitter connects to audio output jack on TV, VCR, or telecaption decoder.

Teletypwriter (TTY) for the Deaf

  • Universal acoustic cups fit most telephones.
  • Four-row typewriter style keyboard.
  • Bright 20-character LCD display.
  • Built-in ring-flasher.

Portable Telphone Amplifier

  • All-purpose amplifier works on all types of phones.
  • Provides a high-frequency emphasis response.
  • Complete with carrying case and battery.
  • Hearing aids with a telecoil will also work on any type of telephone when using this amplifier.

Vibrasound Extra Loud Alarm Clock

  • Variable tone alarm (high-to-low frequency).
  • Large, lighted numeric display for easy viewing.
  • Tone and volume controls.
  • Can be set for vibration or audible alarm.
  • Battery or plug-in power source.
  • Jack for bed vibrator, strobe light, or other signalling device.

AudioPort Personal Communicator

  • Easy, one-piece operation – excellent sound quality.
  • Volume control for comfortable listening.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Lightweight design for comfortable use.

Amplified Telephone

  • Increases volume by 20+ dB so you can hear every word.
  • Automatic tone enhancement increases the clarity of high-frequency sounds.
  • Memory dialing buttons.
  • Automatically resets volume when you hang up.
  • Compatible with hearing aid T-coil.
  • Adjustable super loud tone ringer.
  • Easy to use.

Pocketalker Pro – Personal Listening System

  • Personal, portable, versatile listening system.
  • Available with tone control for maximum clarity.
  • Lightweight design and lightweight earphones for comfortable use.

In-Line Telphone Amplifier

  • Battery powered.
  • Sliding control increases volume by 20 dB.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Works on most phones.
  • Uses one 9v battery (not included).

Sound Wizard – Personal Listening System

  • Portable, powerful amplification.
  • Adjustable high-frequency boost for greater clarity.
  • Volume control for comfortable listening.
  • Small lightweight case and earphones for comfortable use.

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