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Lyric Hearing Aids Provide Constant, Consistent Sound Stimulation

Many of our patients tend to be curious about new hearing technologies and want to learn all they can. There is one hearing device that is relatively a new concept in hearing and is capable of offering many users a superior hearing experience. This device is known as the Lyric, and produced by the manufacturer Phonak. Read Full Article

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Technology You Can Use – Captioned Telephones

Not all modern technology is easily accessible and easy to use. Sometimes we are told how easy it is to use a new technological innovation only to quickly learn that the technology requires the memorization of untold steps just to access it—definitely not easy at all! And, seemingly not worth the trouble to learn how it works!

But, this is not always the case! I am writing today to provide information about a relatively unknown product, available from two different providers in Georgia that serve to greatly enhance your telephone communications with others. This innovation is the captioned home telephone. Yes, just like closed-captioning on your television, there are now telephones that convert the spoken word into easy-to-read text that will help ensure that you receive every last bit of your important communications. Wouldn’t it be great not to be “guessing” at words, or asking people to repeat?

Closed-captioned phones can serve as an aid to your residual hearing, and enhance your ability to communicate over the telephone. The great “fringe” benefit of having a closed-captioned phone includes the appearance of large, real-time, high-resolution captions that appear on a large display screen, making it easy for you to read and confirm what you are hearing. Most phones also have adjustable volume controls which you can set to your comfort level, and some even have answering machines that will play back both audio and close-captioning for all of your missed calls. With additional options such as caller ID and speed-dialing, these phones offer many attractive advantages.

A terrific advantage is that the companies that offer these telephones also offer installation in your home, installation that includes personalized in-home instruction in how to set the phone’s options to your liking, and how to navigate through the settings.

If you have ever had the experience of being frustrated when trying to communicate over the telephone, perhaps it is time that you look into some technology that is designed to help.

General Requirements to take advantage of this service:

  • Medically-recognized hearing loss (application signed by your Audiologist)
  • A high-speed internet connection (either wired or wireless)
  • A standard home phone (land line), though not necessary if using the mobile app.

There are two services for hearing impaired Georgia residents that provide free telephones with call-captioning for all incoming and outgoing telephone calls. If you have an interest in a close-captioned telephone technology, please contact Audiological Consultants of Atlanta for more information.


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An article was published several years ago that quite honestly surprised me and since that time caused me to reflect on how I, as an audiologist, interact and communicate with my patients. The article named the profession of Audiology as being the least stressful of the many reported professions. Read Full Article

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NOW IS THE TIME, The Lyric 2 Hearing Instrument – Further Advances in Hearing Technology

Just a few short years ago ACA wrote an article to provide you with information about a new hearing device called the Lyric.

The first of its kind, the Lyric is a deep insertion, extended wear hearing aid that is worn continuously. This innovation means that its wearers have the convenience of 24/7 wear for up to 120 days at a time before having to return to the Audiologist to have it replaced.  Talk about freedom …no need to take it out and put it back in, no need to replace the battery, no more worrying about misplacing your hearing aids and no more worry about feedback with telephone use or with special hugs. What many people considered the daily hassles of hearing aid wear were officially on their way toward becoming a thing of the past.

At that time we were quite excited about being able to offer this device to our patients. And, we were anxious to see how patients would not only embrace a new design in hearing but also how they could benefit from increased clarity during their interactive conversations.

Well, here we are in 2013, and I am pleased to report that Audiological Consultants of Atlanta was one of the few practices fortunate to have been a part of the Beta study for the second generation of the Lyric, the Lyric2.  We have been successfully working with this new device for more than a year now, and have some very good news! We are excited to report that the candidacy rate has gone from the previous level of 30% to well over 60%, with many patients receiving the added benefit from this extended wear hearing device. 

Audiological Consultants has had such a positive response to the Lyric 2 that it has become a key player in our overall line of hearing aids. It has allowed ACA to take a significant step forward in our goal of assisting all of our patients with their hearing and communication needs, and, as a result, to enhance their daily lives.  We believe that the original Lyric and the new Lyric 2 have enabled many of our patients to achieve a fundamental change in how they feel about their hearing impairment. Many report that they forget that they have a hearing impairment, even to the point of forgetting that they have a device in their ear. Quite a testimonial!

In quite a few cases we have seen patients who previously shied away from wearing hearing aids embrace the Lyric technology and choose to re-engage with friends and family and with life in general. We would encourage all of our patients to strive to better their communication skills.

The new smaller version of the Lyric device is now available at ACA. It fits more individuals due to its smaller size and patient reports to date indicate it to be a more comfortable fit than the previous design. In fact 94% of current Lyric users would recommend it to a friend or family member.

So you ask: What can Lyric do for me?

Lyric can:

•PROVIDE FREEDOM: Go in your ears and get out of the way: it can be worn effortlessly while talking on the phone, sleeping, exercising, or showering. And, it can do all of this for a continuous wear period of up to 120 days.

• COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR: it is the world’s only 100% invisible hearing device.

• HEAR LIKE YOUR EARS DO: the Lyric’s unique design and placement work seamlessly with your own ears to deliver exceptional sound quality.

Why Wait? Give us a call at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, and schedule to come in to any of our 6 Atlanta area offices and experience what the new Lyric 2 hearing device has to offer to you. Now is the time to provide yourself with better communication.

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baby with earphonesYour children rely on you to help them navigate through the world and to protect them from dangers, both seen and unseen. And, … when it comes to loud noise in their environment, what they cannot see can hurt them — therefore they need you to look out for them and set a good example.
Hearing is an extremely important sense. One which allows us to learn, develop language skills, communicate and socialize throughout our lives. Permanent hearing loss that may be caused by exposure to damaging noise is quite preventable. For this reason awareness of our noise environment is important if we wish to protect our children from the damage that may be caused by exposure to everyday sounds.
We generally think of damaging noise as being the sounds generated by industrial noise and power tools. However, if we consider all of the potentially damaging noises our children are exposed to every day of their lives, we will see the list grow to include events and items that had previously seemed to be commonplace.
Children of all ages may be repeatedly exposed to transportation noise from trains, subways, airplanes, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc. Loud music is often played at home, exercise centers, and restaurants. Even everyday household items such as hair dryers, iPods, power tools, lawn movers, etc. – all generate loud noise. TOYS – both electronic and mechanical, as well as horns, musical instruments, school bands and sirens … all bombard our hearing on a daily basis.
According to Paul R. Kileny, Ph.D., Director of Audiology and Electrophysiology at the University of Michigan Health Systems’ Department of Otolaryngology: “Children’s hearing is particularly sensitive. While the inner ear is completely developed at birth and has the complete complement of hair cells, the ear canal is much smaller, and sounds entering the ear canal become louder because they develop in a smaller space. That can translate into as much as a 20 decibel difference between an adult ear and an infant’s ear. Thus infants’ ears can be damaged more easily than adults’ hearing.”
One particularly disturbing occurrence that I became aware of during my career involved a young child who had accompanied their parent on numerous trips to the shooting range. Naturally, the parent shooting the gun wore ear protection; however failure to consider the child standing not far behind him quickly became important when the child began to exhibit signs of hearing loss. A subsequent hearing evaluation of the child revealed that, indeed, the child was suffering from a permanent noise induced hearing loss.
How loud is TOO LOUD?
Children may not always be capable of expressing themselves as far as letting us know that certain noise is hurting their ears. A simple, but useful guideline is that if you need to shout to be heard over noise it is likely that the noise is having a detrimental effect. If sound from a headset/headphones/ear buds can be heard by others who are three or more feet away it is TOO LOUD! If your actions show your child that hearing protection is important to you, it will become important to your child, and they will develop an awareness of the noise environment which surrounds them. Be a good role model.
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LOUD Dining Environments: Should We ALL Suffer in NOISE ?

During a recent visit with my husband to an Atlanta area restaurant, we were subjected to something that many diners around the United States have more and more come to recognize … and detest – the excessive loudness of restaurants’ dining environments.

The two of us had just been seated at our reserved table when the waiter began telling us about the chef’s daily specials. As the waiter proceeded through the offerings, both my husband and I leaned over toward him in a vain attempt to take in even part of what he was saying. Read Full Article

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This One Really Is Invisible!

As a practicing Audiologist with more than twenty five years experience I have been witness to many changes in my professional field of Audiology. Read Full Article

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