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LACE : It’s not just for your wedding veil!

Auditory training can be defined as formal listening activities whose goal is to optimize the activity of speech perception (Dr. Arthur Boothroyd). It is based on an assumption that listeners often need help in dealing with the speech perception deficits that remain after auditory function has been optimized through an appropriate hearing aid selection process.

Auditory training can be an integral part of the successful use of hearing aids and the LACE program may suit all of your aural rehabilitation needs. LACE stands for Listening And Communication Enhancement and the program was developed to engage the adult hearing-impaired person with listening issues. Many hearing aid users need additional support to enhance their communication as much as possible and auditory training may be the answer.

LACE training is interactive and adaptive, always presenting tasks that are challenging and the training gives immediate feedback to maximize perceptual learning. It’s a fun way to train your brain! LACE can be downloaded onto any computer where you, the user participates in 20 sessions lasting 30 minutes each, or 10 sessions lasting 30 minutes each, when using the DVD. The program includes tasks that target speech in degraded situations, cognitive tasks, and interactive communication strategies. After completing the program, LACE will have provided new listening strategies, more confidence in difficult listening situations, and will have addressed cognitive changes characteristic of the aging process.

For more information, contact one of our audiologists.

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Protect Your Hearing! “Turn it to the Left”

Protect Your Hearing! “Turn it to the Left”

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Help Celebrate National Audiology Awareness Month!

Encourage a friend or family member to get their hearing tested.  Whether it’s for a baseline test or a retest to monitor the stability of your current hearing status, be smart. Get your hearing tested!

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Kristie Jo Goerndt receives her Hearing Aid Dispenser’s License

We are very proud to announce that Kristie Jo Goerndt received her hearing aid dispenser’s license from the State of Georgia.  This allows Kristie to independently provide hearing aid services to our patients in the Buckhead office location. Congratulations, Kristie!

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New information on Lyric

Lyric information

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Lyric Video

Lyric video

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ACA Shows the Internal Workings of the Lyric Hearing Device

ACA wishes to share how the Lyric hearing device is “put together”. This captures the magnitude of the technology.

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Hear What Our ACA Patients Are Saying!

Our ACA Lyric patients express their individual experiences with the Lyric extended wear hearing device. Each patient addresses not only the hearing benefit but also how this hearing device makes them feel. This video was created as part of a psychological study to show how Lyric compares to other hearing devices from a psycho social perspective.

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ACA Continues to Grow with New staff!

We continue to add competent staff to our practice as we proudly announce the addition of Melissa Beck to the Buckhead front office team. We are excited about welcoming Dr. Katie Esau to serve our Marietta patients and invite all to visit her at our Marietta office.

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Meniere’s Disease Video

Please view this informative video on Meniere’s disease.

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