An Audiologist is a highly-trained and educated health professional who evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and manages hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders in patients seeking help. Through the application of their education and experience, Audiologists are able to help persons who experience these symptoms. Professional audiologists hold a Doctoral or Master’s Degree.

Often the solution to hearing problems involves the selection, fitting, and dispensing of devices, usually hearing aids, that help patients communicate better in a world where sound and speech often go often go hand-in-hand with understanding.

A complete audiological evaluation in a soundproof booth is necessary to assess one’s current ability to hear and process sound. A critical part of the evaluation is an otoscopic exam, where the Audiologist looks into the ears to examine them for the presence of ear wax, fluid, or infection. The next step is the performance of a thorough hearing examination. Not only are we evaluating how the patient’s ability to detect both soft and loud sounds, but we are evaluating just how clearly one may or may not hear, both in quiet and in noisy environments. This helps to assess the true ability to engage in essential communication.

The Audiologist will then take the time to speak with you about the hearing evaluation results and their professional recommendations along with what your expectations and goals may be with respect to the results and benefits that may be obtained with amplification. The decision for selecting the proper system will be based on many variables such as your hearing results, lifestyle and budget. The ultimate goal is to find the solution that will be the most beneficial for you. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” hearing aid.  Each patient has their own unique needs and with the support and expertise of an Audiologist, we will identify those needs and get you hearing, and communicating, as best as possible.

Although many of you may have possibly heard of other avenues for obtaining hearing aids—the internet, family member, friend, or drug store—our sense of hearing is very complicated and requires personalized care to end up with a successful hearing health care plan. It is critical to have a professional audiologist perform a thorough audiological evaluation and ensure that the hearing aids you have are appropriate for your hearing loss.

Our professional team of Audiologists and Audiology Assistants will help you to learn how to properly care for your hearing aids and maintain them by seeing you every six months. This ensures that your hearing aids remain in tip-top shape!

At Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, we take a very personalized and comprehensive approach to serving your hearing healthcare needs. We perform detailed examinations, use objective measures to make sure your hearing aids are set appropriately and comfortably, and enjoy working with our patients to ensure each of them is enjoying all the things important in their lives!

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