Many times, a patient will ask “what’s the best hearing aid?” Although a good question, it becomes challenging based on all the variables that must be considered to answer the question appropriately. The “right” hearing aid for you depends on several factors, including the type and severity of hearing loss, cosmetic preferences, lifestyle, frequented environments, vision, manual dexterity, and the list continues.  Even when two people have similar hearing test results, the benefits and outcomes will vary. What one person thinks is the best hearing aid may not be impressive to another.  Our ears bring in the sound but the way our brain processes information is different from one person to another. These considerations for finding “the best”, makes the answer challenging and comparing with your friends very difficult. Buying a hearing aid is a very different buying experience compared to other consumer products.  It’s not like buying an appliance or a car where you can compare brands. The product is only one sliver of the process. Selecting the best, most competent and knowledgeable audiologist becomes critical. Combing both will give you the best outcome. As recipients of the Consumer’s Choice Award for outstanding customer service for two consecutive years, we at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, take a great pride in our mission statement to “promote and provide the highest quality of audiological and hearing aid services and products in the communities we serve.” We work with most hearing aid manufacturers and it is our job to work with you to find the BEST hearing aid solution for you.  We take our job seriously. It’s not unusual to hear from our new patients who have previously received services elsewhere, “I’ve never had such a thorough test before”.  Additionally, our audiologists not only perform extensive testing but also provide important counseling with each patient along with verification of the benefit of any hearing device. Our front office staff is complimented on our outstanding customer service because we realize that we only get one chance to make a great first impression. Our audiology assistants work side by side with each audiologist in an important role to provide comprehensive care to our patients. We will find the BEST hearing aids for you!  

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