Technology You Can Use – Captioned Telephones

Not all modern technology is easily accessible and easy to use. Sometimes we are told how easy it is to use a new technological innovation only to quickly learn that the technology requires the memorization of untold steps just to access it—definitely not easy at all! And, seemingly not worth the trouble to learn how it works!

But, this is not always the case! I am writing today to provide information about a relatively unknown product, available from two different providers in Georgia that serve to greatly enhance your telephone communications with others. This innovation is the captioned home telephone. Yes, just like closed-captioning on your television, there are now telephones that convert the spoken word into easy-to-read text that will help ensure that you receive every last bit of your important communications. Wouldn’t it be great not to be “guessing” at words, or asking people to repeat?

Closed-captioned phones can serve as an aid to your residual hearing, and enhance your ability to communicate over the telephone. The great “fringe” benefit of having a closed-captioned phone includes the appearance of large, real-time, high-resolution captions that appear on a large display screen, making it easy for you to read and confirm what you are hearing. Most phones also have adjustable volume controls which you can set to your comfort level, and some even have answering machines that will play back both audio and close-captioning for all of your missed calls. With additional options such as caller ID and speed-dialing, these phones offer many attractive advantages.

A terrific advantage is that the companies that offer these telephones also offer installation in your home, installation that includes personalized in-home instruction in how to set the phone’s options to your liking, and how to navigate through the settings.

If you have ever had the experience of being frustrated when trying to communicate over the telephone, perhaps it is time that you look into some technology that is designed to help.

General Requirements to take advantage of this service:

  • Medically-recognized hearing loss (application signed by your Audiologist)
  • A high-speed internet connection (either wired or wireless)
  • A standard home phone (land line), though not necessary if using the mobile app.

There are two services for hearing impaired Georgia residents that provide free telephones with call-captioning for all incoming and outgoing telephone calls. If you have an interest in a close-captioned telephone technology, please contact Audiological Consultants of Atlanta for more information.


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