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Many of us go to doctor appointments on a fairly routine basis. Each individual harbors a variety of emotions when keeping such appointments. While some of us may have grown comfortable with our practitioners, others, may have had negative experiences that lead to anxious feelings. These uncomfortable feelings may arise from poor bedside manner, negative medical results, or a poor explanation of treatment plans. As a result, these negative circumstances may serve to create a sense of anxiety and emotional distress that can carry over to any future medical appointments. In these situations, a useful approach for turning these bad experiences around is to consider bringing along a spouse, family member or friend that you trust. This can be especially effective during an appointment for an initial consultation.

We at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta highly recommend that when making your first appointment with us that you make arrangements to bring a spouse, family member, or close friend with you. The benefits of having four ears versus two can be of greater benefit than you can imagine. During such an initial appointment a lot of important information will be delivered. And, you will most likely have questions. Having a second set of ears can aid with taking notes regarding what was discussed.

The family member or friend can be act as a key bridge between important information that may be valuable to the Audiologist when discussing medical history, daily challenges that the patient may be experiencing, living situation, safety measures and treatment options. Another key factor of significant importance is that their presence provides helpful moral support. Having a strong support system can really make the patient being evaluated much more at ease, and less anxious regardless of what the results may be. At Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, our Audiologists take the time to educate the patient about the results that were obtained, and demonstrate effective hearing treatment options that may provide help. Having a loved one with you may aid in remembering to ask important questions and ensure that the patient is fully aware of all options, and feels comfortable with what is being explained.

Our staff will always be glad to demonstrate various makes and models of hearing aids, and go through the many benefits and limitations of wearing them. This demonstration can enhance their understanding of what they may have been missing and how life changing hearing aids can be. Hearing a voice that is familiar to you can also be helpful in validating the benefit of new hearing aids.


The entire staff at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta is committed to uncompromised quality and value through our teamwork, compassion, innovative services and personal guidance. We are committed to the success for each patient in making their experience one that is life-changing.

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