Are you or a loved one in the market for hearing aids?  If so, you’re not alone.  There are over 36 million Americans suffering from hearing loss. In fact, hearing loss ranks third behind heart disease and arthritis as the most common disorder among those over 65.  With more people needing hearing aids consumers are becoming increasingly aware that routine hearing services and hearing aids are rarely covered by Medicare or private medical insurance companies.  There are however, certain supplemental plans or assistance programs that individuals can use to assist them with their hearing aid purchase.  Coverage for hearing services/aids differs from the traditional medical insurance coverage in the way the benefits are administered.  The following are examples of some reimbursement and financing scenarios:

1-      Some plans pay a set amount of money toward the retail cost of hearing aids and the patient is responsible for the balance.  This type of benefit is typically available for renewal every 3-5 years.

2-      A discount program is where the insurance company has partnered with providers to offer subscribers a percentage off the retail cost of hearing aids and hearing services.  These programs often offer extended warranty plans as well as batteries.

3-      Certain unions or larger corporations have a specific hearing aid for federal and state employees.  Federal employees are covered under the Federal Employee Benefit Health Program for a basic hearing aid and if they want or need an upgrade they are responsible for the difference.  State employees typically have hearing benefits also and the amount of coverage varies with each state.

4-      For those individuals without hearing benefits and limited financial resources there are programs such as GA Lions Lighthouse Foundation that offer assistance for those who meet certain qualifications.  Your audiologist can provide the application.

5- Financing through Wells Fargo and Care Credit is also available.

When purchasing hearing aids, it’s important to be an educated consumer.  With so many different hearing aid providers and numerous insurance plans it can be confusing to know where to start when shopping for hearing aids.  The product is important but the “expert” is most important.  Finding the right hearing solution may not be easy but there are certain tests and services that are a must for those to receive the most beneficial outcomes.

Audiological Consultants of Atlanta is dedicated to improving hearing health and we will work with you and your benefits.  Don’t miss out on the important things in life due to hearing loss.


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