Did you say, “Audio Bone Headphones?”

Audio bone is a breakthrough in listening technology brought to you by GameChanger Products LLC, a company that strives to bring innovative products to the market. Audio Bone was launched in 2006 in Japan. These headphones allow you to hear music with nothing in your ear canals. That’s right, no ear buds!

With the normal natural way of hearing, sounds enter the external auditory canal and vibrate the eardrum, are then transmitted through the air-filled middle ear cavity and onto the inner ear (the cochlea). The audio bone headphones bypass this process and directly stimulate the inner ear through bone, known as bone conduction. One of the ways we hear our own voices is through bone conduction and also the way whales hear sound. Bone conduction was actually discovered by Ludwig Beethoven, the famous 18th century composer who was almost deaf. Beethoven found a way to hear music through his jawbone by biting a rod attached to his piano.

Since Beethoven, there have been a great deal of attempts at bone conduction listening, but none have true high fidelity sound, only poor so und quality. According to Audio Bone Headphones contacts, this new technology decodes the sound waves in high fidelity stereo quality sound.

There are many situations that these headphones could be useful since the company claims them to be both sweat and waterproof. Some applications would be for those that people that swim, participate in Triathlons, run, cycle, those with outer ear issues and even the hard of hearing. Some hard of hearing individuals have reported hearing high pitched notes with these headphones that they could no longer hear through conventional headphones. Another application is the use with smartphones and other devices that work with a standard headphone jack, by using the headset microphone and amplifier attachment.

Thanks to my husband who gets bored swimming laps, I found out about this cool, waterproof device. My wish for all is happy hearing.

You can visit their website for more information www.audioboneheadphones.com

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