NOW IS THE TIME, The Lyric 2 Hearing Instrument – Further Advances in Hearing Technology

Just a few short years ago ACA wrote an article to provide you with information about a new hearing device called the Lyric.

The first of its kind, the Lyric is a deep insertion, extended wear hearing aid that is worn continuously. This innovation means that its wearers have the convenience of 24/7 wear for up to 120 days at a time before having to return to the Audiologist to have it replaced.  Talk about freedom …no need to take it out and put it back in, no need to replace the battery, no more worrying about misplacing your hearing aids and no more worry about feedback with telephone use or with special hugs. What many people considered the daily hassles of hearing aid wear were officially on their way toward becoming a thing of the past.

At that time we were quite excited about being able to offer this device to our patients. And, we were anxious to see how patients would not only embrace a new design in hearing but also how they could benefit from increased clarity during their interactive conversations.

Well, here we are in 2013, and I am pleased to report that Audiological Consultants of Atlanta was one of the few practices fortunate to have been a part of the Beta study for the second generation of the Lyric, the Lyric2.  We have been successfully working with this new device for more than a year now, and have some very good news! We are excited to report that the candidacy rate has gone from the previous level of 30% to well over 60%, with many patients receiving the added benefit from this extended wear hearing device. 

Audiological Consultants has had such a positive response to the Lyric 2 that it has become a key player in our overall line of hearing aids. It has allowed ACA to take a significant step forward in our goal of assisting all of our patients with their hearing and communication needs, and, as a result, to enhance their daily lives.  We believe that the original Lyric and the new Lyric 2 have enabled many of our patients to achieve a fundamental change in how they feel about their hearing impairment. Many report that they forget that they have a hearing impairment, even to the point of forgetting that they have a device in their ear. Quite a testimonial!

In quite a few cases we have seen patients who previously shied away from wearing hearing aids embrace the Lyric technology and choose to re-engage with friends and family and with life in general. We would encourage all of our patients to strive to better their communication skills.

The new smaller version of the Lyric device is now available at ACA. It fits more individuals due to its smaller size and patient reports to date indicate it to be a more comfortable fit than the previous design. In fact 94% of current Lyric users would recommend it to a friend or family member.

So you ask: What can Lyric do for me?

Lyric can:

•PROVIDE FREEDOM: Go in your ears and get out of the way: it can be worn effortlessly while talking on the phone, sleeping, exercising, or showering. And, it can do all of this for a continuous wear period of up to 120 days.

• COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR: it is the world’s only 100% invisible hearing device.

• HEAR LIKE YOUR EARS DO: the Lyric’s unique design and placement work seamlessly with your own ears to deliver exceptional sound quality.

Why Wait? Give us a call at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta, and schedule to come in to any of our 6 Atlanta area offices and experience what the new Lyric 2 hearing device has to offer to you. Now is the time to provide yourself with better communication.

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