Pardon me …But Just What is an Audiology Assistant?

Hello, my name is Kristie Jo Goerndt, and I am an Audiology Assistant with Audiological Consultants of Atlanta (ACA). I received my bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders from the University of Alabama and moved to Atlanta in 2011 eager to learn more about Audiology.

As I began to learn from the audiologists at ACA about this specialized field, I witnessed the quality of life of each patient improve as they addressed their hearing needs. Seeing this made me really want to be part of the hearing care process and continue to increase my knowledge as quickly as possible. I wanted to put my acquired knowledge to work with a positive attitude, a caring heart and an attentive ear. With the encouraging sponsorship of Dr. Helena Solodar, I enrolled in, and completed, a 1-year online Audiology Assistant program at Nova Southeastern University based in Florida.  

 As in numerous other medical fields today, many doctors are utilizing assistants in their daily practice. Audiologists have recently joined in this trend in their practices. Each assistant has educational requirements and/or state licensure requirements to work in medical facilities. Their aim is to help the professional staff to work more productively, and to ensure comprehensive care for their patients as well. This trend is likely to continue to grow within health care professions across the board, and a practice with an assistant is a positive step for the future.

The assistant compliments the audiologist’s ability to care for more patients during the course of a typical workday. A recent position paper prepared by the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) defines the audiologist’s assistant as “a person trained to carry out jobs prescribed, directed, and supervised by an audiologist …performing routine tasks and duties, thereby freeing more of the audiologist’s time to see patients who require more complex diagnostics and treatment.”

 My role as an audiology assistant here at ACA is to relate each patient’s needs and concerns to the audiologists that I work with closely each day. I’m here to help perform and deliver services and to enhance the patient’s experience in the assessment and treatment of their auditory disorder(s). You, the patient, are the central focus of everything we do, and my role is to prepare you for what you will experience during your visit. I see my role as one where I can apply my skills and serve others with positivity, patience, and understanding. I am grateful to work with the ACA Buckhead office staff that includes three audiologists who not only have a total of more than 53 years of experience in the field, but who are up-to-date on all the latest technology in the field of audiology.  


At ACA we need YOU! We want to know why you have chosen our practice and exactly what it is you wish to accomplish with regard to your hearing needs. My hope is to gain your trust so I can be a reliable liaison in maximizing the benefits you can attain through the expertise of our entire staff. Your hearing and your ability to communicate clearly are important to you, your family and your friends. The staff at ACA is here to listen and to help. So if there are ever any questions you need to have answered, know that I am here to help you in any way I can.


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