Staying Connected in a Connected World

Thriving in today’s world means that you are able to access information effortlessly and communicate with ease. In short, this means participating fully in a connected world.

And, with currently available technology, there is no reason hearing loss needs to be a barrier to your communication abilities. Today’s hearing aids enable you to seamlessly link to the sounds of your favorite electronic devices. Whether you want to be informed, in touch, or entertained, there is a new and convenient way to connect you to the voices you need to hear. The advanced circuitry built into many of the new hearing aids, with sophisticated remote control devices, provides you with the ability to transform them into custom wireless listening devices.

In many cases, this technology provides hearing aid users with various advantages over their peers. Do you enjoy listening to your personal music or the television while exercising at the gym? It is now possible for you to hear your favorite show without getting tangled in earphone wires and without the distraction of background noise.  The new remote devices are able to instantly send the voices of your grandchildren in Texas right into your hearing aids, and at a level prescribed for your specific hearing sensitivity, so their voices sound as if they are sitting next to you.  It is also possible to stream sound from the telephone, computer, television, and other electronic appliances directly to your ears, eliminating the negative effects of background noise and static interference.  You can wirelessly listen to a movie on your laptop while waiting for your flight to board at the airport. These clever remote devices allow you to listen privately. The sound is transmitted to your hearing aids only, so curious passersby are not able to hear your music, films, or conversations.

Do you and your spouse have disagreements over the television volume? Are you afraid the high volume of your television will annoy your neighbors? Are you embarrassed to watch your favorite television programs at a comfortable volume level, because you want to keep your reality television program habit a secret? Remote devices such as the Widex TV Dex  or Phonak ComPilot offer you wireless freedom, with the ability to stream the television at a comfortable volume directly to your ears.  While you have your own personal volume control, your spouse is still able to control his or her own volume through the regular television or stereo remote.

Attempting to use a cell phone while driving can not only be distracting, but quite a dangerous. A wireless connection allows you to have a hands-free conversation without struggling to hear over background traffic noise. Have you ever missed making a turn because you could not hear your GPS telling you to turn left in time? Now it is possible for you can stream driving directions directly into your hearing aids negating the roar of rush hour traffic. There are many different options available with remote devices that enable customization to your needs.

The available assistive listening devices are generally quite intuitive and simple to operate, and we are happy to help “pair” or connect your personal devices for you at Audiological Consultants of Atlanta. Many of the newest in amplification include a special chip that will connect you to one of these remote control instruments.  Please come in and visit us to discuss if your hearing aids are compatible with these amazing new devices, or if you would like to explore the possibilities and experience the latest in available technology!

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