“ADOPT A BAND” Program

Our own ACA audiologist and business owner, Dr. Kadyn Williams,  participated at the Drum Corp International competition held at the GA Dome last Saturday July 30.   Dr. Williams along with representatives from the Georgia Academy of Audiology and the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation provided information to young musicians, parents and spectators on the value of wearing hearing protectors when exposed to high levels of sound. They sold EtyPlug high fidelity hearing protectors and educated the atendees on the hazards of noise.  The sponsor of this statewide initiative,  the Georgia Commission for Hearing Impaired and Deaf Persons, along with its partners, The Georgia Academy of Audiology, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and Etymotic Research thank Dr. Kadyn Williams, Sharifa Peart, Dr. Jamie Howard, Dr. Denise Sheppard, Dr. Norma Mraz for their time and talent during this exciting event.

View the YouTube video featuring Chuck Leavell at: YouTube Etyhead.

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