This One Really Is Invisible!

As a practicing Audiologist with more than twenty five years experience I have been witness to many changes in my professional field of Audiology. I have observed hearing aids change from relatively large behind-the-ear hearing aids to very small completely in the ear canal hearing aids. I have seen the significant changes made possible by the analog to digital transition. These progressive advancements in technology have enabled our profession to continue to help our patients improve their ability to communicate in varied listening situations.

And, …the enhancements continue. Within the last three years another new and exciting technology has been introduced. The availability of this new hearing aid design has not only enabled me and my colleagues to help our patients improve their ability to hear, but has also allowed them to feel, as one of my patients put it: “It is as though I do not have a hearing impairment at all; I feel normal again”.

This advancement is the Lyric. The Lyric by InSound Medical is a deep insertion, extended wear hearing aid that is worn continuously, 24/7, for up to 120 days before having to be replaced in the office by the Audiologist. Yes, you read that correctly, the Lyric hearing aid is worn continuously for up to 120 days and worn during all of your activities. No taking it out and putting it in, no need to replace the battery, no more worrying about misplacing your hearing aids. No daily hassles- total convenience.

For me personally, it has been a great feeling to be able to help people experience improved hearing, a sense normalcy and a more enhanced quality of life. The Lyric has given our patients an attractive alternative to daily wear hearing aids. The Lyric has also allowed these patients to experience the many benefits of improved communication, often for the first time.

I have seen families transition from a state of near-continuous worry about their parent or grandparent and their use of a hearing aid to contented confidence, knowing that their parent is hearing 24/7.  They can relax knowing that their parent will hear the telephone or a knock at the door on a consistent basis. Wow! How convenient is that?

Another significant benefit for Lyric wearers is being able to receive the latest and greatest technology right as it is being introduced, no need to wait to benefit from new Lyric improvements in hearing technology – when a change is made that improves the function of the Lyric, you will be fitted with newer technology. It’s as simple as that.

Convenience, simplicity, and the latest technology – are you ready to realize the benefits?

For additional information regarding the Lyric check out the Lyric section on our website.

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