Thirty Years in the Making!

Tempus fugit!  An apropos statement as we all usher in a New Year and one that holds a special meaning for the two of us as we reach a milestone that few business partners and friends experience…30 years together! 1981 was the year and Atlanta was the place. Who knew 30 years ago what we had in store?  Pundits said that we were a failure waiting to happen.  We certainly did not have a crystal ball predicting our longevity as partners and friends, but what we did have was an unbending commitment to providing the best audiological care to our public.  We were barely acquainted, under capitalized but definitely determined to make it happen.  That commitment has served us well.  We had no business plan or marketing plan for that matter but knew from our upbringing that hard work usually paid off. We shared the same vision of providing the highest quality of care to patients who are hard of hearing.  We were young and somewhat naïve but had the drive and dedication to rule out failure because it was not in our vocabulary. We worked 24/7 and never looked back. We each have our strengths and agreed a long time ago that it was okay to disagree as long as we were respectful of one another. We had many lean years, put everything we earned back into the business and wondered how others survived in this mean cruel world of business. But through perseverance, we created something that we feel is very special; a place to work autonomously that provides services and products when coupled with our expertise that is unsurpassed.  Our patients always receive the best of care and the most current technology that is available.

We are both married with two children and are so close with one another we share in family gatherings. Our husbands are friends and children feel as though we are blood related.   Now 30 years later we have six office locations, 9 audiologists and 6 support staff that work with us to make Audiological Consultants of Atlanta the place to go for hearing care.

We work hard to live up to our mission that says:

   “We will promote and provide the highest quality audiological and hearing aid services in the communities we serve.

We are committed to hearing, health and the overall wellness of our community. We are dedicated to excellence in serving the hearing needs of our patients, the professional community and the public at large.

We are committed to uncompromised quality and value through our teamwork, compassion, innovative services and personal guidance.

We are dedicated to providing a diverse array of public education.

We pledge to each of you our mission of exemplifying our leadership role through commitment, dedication, innovation and excellence of the highest quality.”

Tempus fugit, yes, we agree, time does fly.  We are not sure where it has flown, but we do know that it has been a grand ride.  Carpe diem:  time to seize the day!

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